I think we’re at the point of having a final beta with RefreshFM, our FileMaker update automator. I’ve made beta 5 available for download today.

This version fixes a lot of the issues with regards to opening and closing RfM and restarting a solution. A lot of the minor issues with moving files around are solved as well, so if you tried it before, I think this version will be a big improvement.

FileMaker Automation

As well it adds automation on the mac for building the Table Occurrence list and the Layouts. I was excited already that using our free BaseElements plugin we were able to automate a lot of things that we couldn’t previously, but this means that almost every aspect of the setup is automated in some way. You’re still working through the steps individually, but ( at least on a mac ) there is very little work involved at each point. I’m really excited by how this came out and how it’s working, so send us any feedback you have.

Final Beta

This version is likely to be the final beta. Unless there are some other major issues, we’ll look to release a final version in a week or two. I will announce the release date in advance, but be aware that when the final version is released, the prices will be going up. You’re effectively getting a 30% discount at the moment by getting in early. This is better than we will be offering at DevCon this year too.