Goya FileMaker Hosting

Goya can provide dedicated server FileMaker hosting for clients wanting to keep their FileMaker databases in the cloud, and make them accessible from everywhere, not just in the office.

We run multiple servers using the latest versions of Windows and FileMaker Server, along with regular onsite and offsite backups, SSL certificates and 24/7 monitoring.

Hosting Questions

How much does it cost?

Standard monthly hosting is $149 per month plus GST.

What do I get?

A dedicated Windows or Linux Server for your solution.  A SSL certificate for myserver.goya.co.  Offsite backups.  24/7 monitoring.  50GB of disk space ( for the OS, FMS and data ), 4GB of RAM and unlimited data throughput.

We run the most recent versions of FileMaker Server that your licence will allow.

On top of that we help you to get your solution up and running and can assist with any issues in terms of FileMaker Server or accessing the files. 

We can also help you to setup Web sharing of your FileMaker solution, including WebDirect or Custom Web Publishing using RESTfm or the Data API.  As well you can make the solution available via ODBC if required.

Does that include FileMaker Licences?

No, this is for hosting only.  

If you’ve already got a licence for FileMaker Server, then we can apply that to the server.  

If you have no licence yet for FileMaker at all, we can purchase a User licence for you.  Currently the starting point for FileMaker user licencing is $1200 AUD per annum for 5 users plus server.  We can pro rata this into your hosting costs as well if you would like. 

If you need more than 5 users please contact us for pricing.

What else can I add?

Pretty much anything you need.  It’s your dedicated server.  Some examples would be :

  • Access to the FileMaker Server Admin Console ( no charge ).
  • Access to the server itself via RDC ( at your own risk ).
  • Extra capacity in processing or memory to run server intensive tasks such as WebDirect.
  • Extra disk storage ( in 50GB blocks ) for data storage such as documents or large FileMaker files.
  • A custom domain name ( price depends on the domain, contact us for details ).
  • A dedicated SSL certificate for your domain ( price depends, contact us for details. )
  • A Web Services API into your solution using RESTfm ( no charge ).
  • Email or web hosting.
  • A recent backup download page.
  • Document syncing with Dropbox.
  • Automated backup to Dropbox.
  • Anything else you can run on Windows server, contact us for more.

What about FileMaker Cloud 2.0

FileMaker Cloud 2.0 is a good option for some clients.  It bundles in the hardware, licence and all of the management of the server into a single ongoing monthly fee.  However there is a cost for that and it’s so it’s more expensive than our hosting.

At present, as well it’s only available on servers located in the US ( as of March 2020 ).

If a single bundled monthly cost is your preference, we can bundle your FileMaker licence into the hosting costs.

But if you’re interested in Cloud 2.0, contacts us, we can also help you get setup and running there too.

Who runs your servers?

Our servers are run on either MammothVPS or BinaryLane or Linode in Australia or overseas.  We have multiple options available in Australia and plenty of international locations as well.

Is this shared hosting?

No, it is a dedicated server.  Shared hosting became unavailable after a FileMaker Server licence change in version 15.  Therefore any hosting provider currently offering shared hosting will be doing so on FMS v14 and that software is no longer supported by FileMaker.  We don’t recommend you use this option.

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