We released a beta version of our free BaseElements plugin earlier and I need to document the new progress dialog functionality as it isn’t readily understandable from just the function calls themselves.

Barber Pole Progress Dialogs

Firstly there is the main BE_ProgressDialog function :

BE_ProgressDialog ( title ; description {; maximum } )

the title, and description are obvious, and similar to other dialogs that the plugin produces. The “maximum” value is optional, but does all the work. If you leave it out you get an “indeterminate” dialog, so the barber pole effect :


You cancel a barber pole dialog by calling the BE_ProgressDialog_Update function with any value less than zero.

BE_ProgressDialog_Update ( -1 )

Incremental Progress Dialogs

If you have a value for maximum, then you get the normal start and finish progress dialog. There is an assumed minimum of 0, so if you want to count from 10 to 20, then you actually need to count from zero to 10.


To update the progress indicator, call the function with increasing values each time, until you reach the maximum value. Any value above the maximum will cause the dialog to close. The button isn’t modifiable, but should have the correct language for your operating system. You can have the button disabled by setting the Allow Abort State to Off.

This is the first iteration of this function, but this is the functionality we were after for including in our own products, but if you’d like it to behave differently or would like other features, please let us know and consider sponsoring a function.