I’ve been wanting for ages to use something like MarsEdit to draft and upload content to this blog. Bits of it work well, but other bits either had me confused or didn’t quite work right.

For example, I no longer have comments turned on for blog posts (more on that later) and I still haven’t bothered to investigate the utility or otherwise of Trackbacks. But MarsEdit has options for both when drafting a blog, and I can’t turn them off. Plus I can’t choose text filters other than “None” or “Filtered HTML” – the one I used most is “Full HTML”.

Also I can have “Local Drafts” that have a server side “Post Status: Published” and published posts that are “Post Status: Draft”. It’s confused me more often than not.

I think what I’d like to see :

  • Ability to remove all of the options for TrackBacks, Comments and Text Filter on a per blog basis.
  • Auto updating of server side content on load or updates.
  • Change “Local Drafts” to just “Drafts” and then make a decision for each blog about local or server side. It could then store them against each blog directly and would save you the hassle of thinking about where a blog is. You could still force a draft to be local by not assigning it a blog in the first place. But if you have a draft post it should appear on only one place. If I save a “published” post, then it should save to the server, not locally.

Also these days I’m using screens other than my main work machine more and more, and so an interface that allows you to store drafts more easily server side, and edit and upload from more places than one would suit me much more.