We have an updated version of our free FileMaker plugin available today. This is 2.0b2 and will likely be the last beta before a final 2.0 release. This version adds support for running on 64bit FMS in CWP for Mac and Windows as well as deprecating the BE_FileMakerFields and BE_FileMakerTables.

Those two SQL related functions will continue to work in any existing code, and they can be put manually into a new calculation, but they don’t appear in the list of available functions. The reason for this is that they are now available natively inside FMP using the new ExecuteSQL function.

Our policy from here on is to keep the plugin limited to functions that FileMaker itself doesn’t support, and removing this from the list, but still making the function work is the best way to achieve that without breaking existing code. At some point in the future we may remove the function all together, but for now having them work but be inactive is a good solution.

There are now three files to download ; the Mac version, a 32bit version for Windows and a 64 bit version for Windows. The Mac version is a universal build and has both 32 and 64 bit versions in the one file.