FileMaker has recently released updates to both Pro and Server versions of FileMaker. The Server update notes included one minor point I found interesting :

Added support for loading 64-bit plug-ins used by Custom Web Publishing solutions

You can check this in Activity Monitor on a Mac, that the “fmscwpc” process is 64bit :


( You can also see there that the server side scripting process “fmsased” is still 32bit, presumably to match the 32 bit Pro client. )

So this new 64 bit plugin functionality is interesting, and as far as I know there aren’t any 64 bit plugins available for FileMaker Server. Until now. Our free BaseElements plugin is now available as a beta for the Mac as a single file 32/64 bit compatible plugin.

For now this is all new enough that there are some unanswered questions :

  • Will the 64bit process require 64 bit plugins, or is it optional? In other words can you run both?
  • Can you run 32 bit plugins in FMS 12v1?
  • Are there any issues with running 32bit plugins on the server side scripting engine, and the same 64 bit plugin on the Web Publishing process?

All of this will come in time, but for now we’ve at least got something to begin testing with.