We’ve got a new beta release of the next version of our free FileMaker plugin. As always some bug fixes, and some new features. This time around we’ve had some sponsorships as well so it’s great to see others taking advantage of that option.

New features

BE_Encrypt_AES ( key ; text )
BE_Decrypt_AES ( key ; text )

For encryption and decryption using AES. ( Thanks to Jeremiah Hammond from DBServices for sponsoring this. )

BE_Zip ( fileList {; archive} )

Now allows you to specify a return delimited list of file paths, and an optional archive path to store it.

BE_SaveFileDialog ( prompt {; fileName ; inFolder } )

A Save File dialog to match our Select File and Select Folder dialogs.

The BE_SaveURLToFile function will now show a progress dialog, when you first apply the option BE_Curl_Set_Option ( “CURLOPT_NOPROGRESS” ; 0 ).

BE_ListFilesInFolder ( path {; type ; includeSubdirectories ; useFullPath } )

This function adds an option to recursively process directories and also to return a full path instead of just the filename.

Thanks heaps to Steve Wright from SWS Solutions for sponsoring all of the Save File, progress dialog, and Zip file functionality.

Bug Fixes

This release also fixes :

  • A memory leak in the SQL code.
  • Supports the CF_FILEGROUPDESCRIPTORW, CF_FILENAMEW & CF_FILENAMEMAPW clipboard formats on Windows.
  • Resolves an issue with 2.2.x not loading under Windows XP.
  • Improves handling of focus for dialogs

There is an b1 build for Mac, Windows 32bit and Windows 64bit for FileMaker Server.