I’ve just posted a .1 release for BaseElements 3. There are a bunch of the usual fixes in this version to various UI and data issues. Full details are on the Version History page.

There are two notable changes though. Firstly, I’m url encoding the filenames so that it should work fine with accented characters or even other language filenames.

Also I made a change to the way that our “Filter XML” option was working. You may recall this from a previous post about the FMPA 11 DDR producing invalid XML.

In the fc releases, I had the Filter XML option default to off. My logic was that this issue wasn’t going to affect everyone, so turning it on would involve a slowdown for all users, when this wouldn’t affect that many people. People who had the issue could be pointed to the setting and that would solve the problem.

In 3.0.0 final I changed that to defaulting to on. I had got enough reports of this being an issue that in order to save on user frustration and also support requests, defaulting to on would make things easier for all and not cause too many slowdowns.

And finally in 3.0.1 I’ve removed the option altogether, in lieu of it being smart. If you’re importing a DDR generated with v11, it does filtering, otherwise it doesn’t. A much more sensible choice and one less preference.

I still haven’t figured out how to remove the “Smart Find” preference and leave only the language setup choice, but that can wait.