We’ve finally completed work on BaseElements 2.6.0 and it’s now available for download. This one has been a while in coming and many people have asked where it’s at, so we’d like to thank everyone for being patient. More on the delays below, but firstly the good news : New Features.

BaseElements 2.6.0 contains the super-duper whiz-bang fmSearchResults so you can search anywhere within your solution analysis for generic text. It’s fast and contains a great user interface for searching. If you like what you see in BaseElements, make sure you download their demo materials and consider putting it in your own solutions too. We’ll have more on the implementation of fmSearchResults later.

Also this version is now completely multilingual. BaseElements now speaks Swedish and Japanese, and we’ll have a bunch more languages available soon too.

There is more detail in the release notes as there are some more tweaks, fixes and features as well.

And for anyone interested in the delays, one of the issues we’ve had to overcome with the localisation is how do you translate the buttons in custom dialogs. We’d looked at not translating them (not a great option), or providing dialogs via a plugin. We decided to develop our own plugin so that we could have a single plugin to do the general file functions and the dialogs. After a lot of development and testing time, in the end the single plugin option didn’t work out, and we’ve instead reverted to using Troi File and adding Troi Dialog, but making it optional for those wanting translated dialogs. The extra time and work involved in developing and testing the plugin is the reason for the delay. We may come back to the plugin later, but for now it’s on hold.

We will also write something up about our experiences with translating BaseElements for those interested in the process.

For now, grab your copy of BaseElements and if you’ve got any questions or issues, jump over to the support website http://baseelements.tenderapp.com/ and let us know.