It seems that there are lots of people who like BaseElements enough to write to us and let us know. We recently got this in an email from Vernon Downing :

After using BaseElements 2 for a short time, I want to express how pleased I am. It is extraordinary software. The superb layouts had me immediately focused on the warnings and the associated detail of my application. I was able to easily isolate and document true problems because it was all so clearly presented. BaseElements 2 is an excellent analysis tool (and I have tried others), but I was equally pleased at how easy it was able to extend its usefulness with custom summaries.

After only a few minutes of getting oriented, I was able to turn out specialized data structure reports perfectly suited for my particular application development activities. Using the supplied layouts as templates, my learning curve for building those summaries was short, indeed. In minutes, BaseElements 2.0 provided me results that had previously taken me hours of work.

Thank you, BaseElements Team.

Thank you Vernon. If you are still undecided about whether BaseElements can save you time and money in your FileMaker development, then maybe grab yourself a demo code and give BaseElements a try.