I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now, as there’s lots of talk about sync in the FileMaker community.  I had some thoughts about it last year at the 2016 DevCon and did a session on this topic.  I revisited it again at our local FileMaker Developer Day in May 2017.

But I think the idea is worth getting a broader audience so I’ve recorded my session and made it available publicly.


The idea is that everyone wants FileMaker to build sync for us.  I think that’s the wrong idea.  Sync is not an on-off switch and you can’t treat it that way.  FileMaker building sync into the product will be a waste of resources and the wrong direction to go down.  It won’t work, and will cause more issues than it solves.

There are lots of things FileMaker can do to make sync work better, and be easier to code.  But building a sync “button” is not it.

Have a watch of the recording, and let me know if you agree or not, I’m always open to feedback.