We’ve uploaded a new build of RESTfm, version 5.1.0 beta to the sponsors Dropbox shares.  For all out sponsors ( thanks again ) this should be ready and waiting for you to play with already.

The only change is support for the new FileMaker 17.  We’ve also updated our documentation to have more details for installing on Mac and Windows under FMS 17 as by default, PHP isn’t included as an option activate, so you need to activate it manually.

We get a lot of questions about RESTfm now that FileMaker has their own Data API out : the short answer is that we’re not going anywhere and the two sets of functionality are complimentary.  RESTfm does a LOT of stuff that the Data API doesn’t do, and gives you a heap of flexibility and choices you otherwise wouldn’t have.

We’ve got more to come in terms of the offering for RESTfm so keep your eyes open, and make sure to send us any feedback if you have it.