We’ve been in the REST API business since 2013 when we released the first version of RESTfm, and since then we’ve spent a lot of time talking about FileMaker and REST.

So we were very excited when FileMaker themselves started talking REST with their Data API.

But the first question we get asked, is “does the Data API make RESTfm redundant?”. Well the answer to that is categorically No.

RESTfm adds so much more than the Data API, it’s almost like RESTfm is the Data API on steroids. Customisable data formats, simplified and configurable authentication, and lots more.

So there’s a new version of RESTfm that goes one step further and now lets you choose between the Data API and the PHP API as a data source. So you can pick and choose your data source and take advantage of the power that RESTfm gives you, regardless of how you’re connecting to FileMaker.

Download a DEV release of RESTfm with Data API support.

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