The BaseElements plugin has long been documented on our website in English, but only in version 16 of FileMaker does it allow you to include function descriptions inside the calculation dialog.

At the moment, it’s not very useful as it only includes the name of the function.  But coming in version 4 of the plugin, we’ve added the ability to include proper descriptions of each function.  Because the plugin is open source, you can see these up already in the GitHub development branch.

But the real bonus of this, and the open source model, is that the descriptions are translatable.  We’ve added folders for a Japanese and a German translation, but could quite easily add more, one for each potential language that FileMaker supports.

So if you’d like to see these in your native language and are willing to help translate, please contact us to let us know which other languages to support.  And feel free to submit translations for any existing descriptions, that’s what open source is for.