I keep meaning to highlight some of the cool places that other people utilise either our BaseElements plugin, or RESTfm.  Because these tools free and open source, they often get picked up by other developers as useful ways to enhance FileMaker when developers are demonstrating cool things you can do in FileMaker.

So a few of these might be older, but they’re all still valuable nevertheless.

FileMaker And RESTful APIs

DBServices did a great article on REST APIs and FileMaker.  Although you can do a lot more these days with the enhanced curl support in FileMaker 16, these examples use the BaseElements plugin and so work on old versions of FileMaker back to v10 even.


Using cURL within FileMaker Pro

The geniuses at FileMaker magazine are often utilising the BaseElements plugin for copying and pasting custom functions to clipboards or explaining how to do curl.  Their videos are well worth subscribing to.


BaseElements Demo and How to

And finally, I did a demonstration of BaseElements to a user group recently who was kind enough to record it.  Hopefully it comes across well, but is a great way to get an idea of how BaseElements works and why so many FileMaker developers love it.