As always, we’re working on new versions of BaseElements and deciding on which new features to add. We’re going to have a bunch of small additions to show off in BaseElements Next, but we have a couple of cool larger features I wanted to highlight.

A ClipManager that Syncs

BaseElements 17 introduced the ClipManager and we’ve added extra features and functionality in the point releases of 17. BaseElements Next will take that to another level with the ability to Sync your clips to a server.

So imagine working in a team and having access to your teams list of standard Custom Functions, Script Templates and Layout Objects and being able to paste them from BE into your solution.

Or being able to access a public repository of shared code that you can search for just the right bit of code you want.

A Way to Convert a Layout to Themed Objects

BaseElements already analyses your layout Objects, so it knows how everything is styled. BaseElements Next will be able to take your existing list of Objects and create a Theme from them by consolidating all of the same matching object styles.

You can then copy the layout objects, go into BaseElements and have it convert it to themed objects and paste it back into your solution.

It’s not yet automate-able ( perhaps coming soon in FileMaker Pro Next ) but it a really great way to easily adjust your old Classic solutions into themed layouts without doing every object individually.


There’s always more, coming soon.

And if you have something you’d like to see, make sure you contact us.