The world of FileMaker Pro keeps ticking along with FileMaker Pro 2023 released last week. And so along comes a new version of BaseElements. We’re now at version 20 of BaseElements and you can download it today. Other than version compatibility, the big new addition is linux compatibility for server side imports – previously you could run BE from a linux server, but imports weren’t supported and now they are.

This is a beta release technically, because there’s some more things we want to work on, but it’s stable, with additions for FMP 20 and changes to the import functionality for linux server. So we don’t expect any issues but would like to get feedback on the imports out in the real world. Short version : you can use this today to reliably analyse your v20 solutions.

What else? 🙂

Things have been quiet on the blog here, with not much of content coming out, but things have been constantly updating in the background. We’ve been adding support in BE for each of the latest point releases. All the details are on the version history page.

BaseElements Plugin

We’re constantly updating our BE plugin, the 4.2 release added a heap of cool stuff, including a lot of work on memory leaks. And we’re working on 5.0 which will be the biggest change to the plugin since its release. Looking forward to talking about that more soon.

RESTfm and Sync

We’ve kept working on our web framework RESTfm and the syncing tool we use. We’d like to do more with this, I’m not sure yet where it will go, but RESTfm is still super useful for us.


And finally, we’ve taken advantage of the break between covid and Claris restarting their own in person events to launch our own in person event We’re hoping that all of our APAC friends can come along and catch up on all things FileMaker in 2023. It will be nice to see familiar faces.

If you’re up for it, we’d love speakers, sponsor and even overseas visitors : if you’ve ever thought about a holiday to Australia, well now’s your chance to make it a work expense or get the boss to come up with the travel costs.

Hoping to see as many of you there as we can fit in the venue !