First, just quickly, b3 and 19.1.2

There’s a cool new release of FileMaker out this week, version 19.1.2 has some cool new features for new layout components using javascript, and some built in Add Ons that lets FileMaker users do cool things.

It has a couple of minor other additions with some new Get functions, so there’s a new release of BaseElements out, version 19b3. You can download it now, and it’s completely compatible with this new release.

Side note : yes it’s still a beta, but the import and analysis functionality is as rock solid as all the previous releases of BaseElements that you’ve come to expect. It’s beta because there’s still things we’re working to add to the reporting functionality and some minor UI things we’d like to do.

BaseElements goes to University

This is really cool.

We’re worked in the intelligent folks and Productive Computing in California, and they’ve put together a new addition to their Productive Computing University series all about BaseElements.

If you’ve ever wanted a hands, in depth guide to BaseElements in video form, well now it exists. Their BaseElements Mastery course is now available, and is totally excellent, you should check it out.

Special Promotions for new BaseElements users and University Subscribers

We were so excited about what Marc and the team at PC have put together, we also have put together some really cool discounts for existing University subscribers, or BaseElements annual licence holders.

If you don’t have either BaseElements or a University subscription : sign up for PC University and get their entire bundle and get access to all their online training for just $199 per year and you’ll get a special link to 12 months of BaseElements Single User Licence free.

Or sign up for just their BaseElements Mastery course and all the additions that will be added to it over time for $59, and you’ll get six months of BaseElements Single User Licence free.

I won’t hide the fact that you can get 12 months of BaseElements for $199, or the entire Productive Computing University course AND BaseElements for $199 for the first year.

PC University currently has over 20 different courses and more being added all the time, so it’s worth this all by itself.

This is the best promo deal we’ve ever done for BaseElements but it won’t last forever.

If you’re already a BaseElements annual licence holder

If you’ve already got a BaseElements Single User annual licence, and and sign up to the course, we will extend your licence by 6 or 12 months. Just contact us using your BaseElements registered email, with the special BE sign up link that PC will give you and we’ll adjust your BaseElements licence.

If you’ve got a multi user or site licence for BaseElements, we’ll give you a discount on your next renewal equivalent to the $199 that you would save, or a discount for a new purchase.

I’m really excited about this new content, and want to specifically thank Marc and Rachel and all the team at Productive, they’ve done a great job.