We’ve followed very closely on the heels of the new FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 release with our own release of the award winning analysis tool for FileMaker solutions : BaseElements 17.  Downloads are here :


A couple of quick notes : if you’ve got an annual release, everything should just work, no need to get a new licence or anything.  If you’ve got a perpetual and want to try it out, you’ll need to grab a new trial code.  There’s no Windows 32 bit release at this stage, as we’re using the 4.x beta plugin version, which doesn’t have any more 32bit builds.  That could change, potentially if there’s interest.

As always upgrade pricing will be available, and there will be grace period for people who purchased v16 recently.

New features

We will talk a lot more about these in the next few days and weeks, but the two coolest ones for me are :

  • Server Side importing for people running BaseElements on FileMaker Server.  Start the import, click the server option and then keep on working while the Server does all the work.
  • The Clip Manager.  Copy something cool from your FileMaker solution.  Switch to BaseElements – anywhere will do, any layout, it doesn’t matter. Hit Command-V for Paste and BE will open the Clip Manager and store your clipboard in formatted XML ready to edit, or re-use any time.  Best of all it’s kept outside of the main BE data in it’s own preferences file, so you don’t lose your clips when you get a new version of BE.

I’m going to use both of those a lot.  Full details of all the new big and small changes are here at the release notes page.