Nicholas Orr

Nicholas Orr is the founder of Goya and an internationally respected name within the FileMaker community. With over twenty years experience with FileMaker, Nick has developed solutions for clients over a vast range of fields. It’s a rare business problem that Nick hasn’t had to solve in some capacity before.

Nick is also the creator of BaseElements, the internationally recognised standard FileMaker analysis tool (it has been converted into eight foreign languages). He is a regular contributor to the FileMaker technical information channels and the FileMaker XML expert. Nick is FileMaker certified for versions 7 through 15.

Ki Lau

Ki Lau is the next generation of FileMaker Developer. Ki brings his natural computer skills to the building of complex database solutions with minimal direction. Ki is also skilled in various FileMaker internet and email technologies and also XML integration. Ki is FileMaker Certified in versions 10 through 13.

Salvatore Colangelo

Salvatore Colangelo has been developing filemaker solutions since 2007 when, after a master in computer science, he started working at FileMaker France. With this background and his experience with other database technologies and web design, Salvatore can quickly adapt his development to every project’s specific needs. He loves to experiment and find new ways to solve tricky development problems. Salvatore is FileMaker certified in versions 10 through 15.

Gavin Stewart

Gavin Stewart, with over 20 years experience in the computing field, brings a wealth of IT knowledge to Goya. His previous achievements include the research and development of high performance computing (HPC) applications and he held the position of Pipeline Technical Director on Adam Elliot’s film: Mary and Max. Other fields of expertise include web and mobile applications development, and Internet systems security.