We use RESTfm a lot to send quick data from FileMaker to a FileMaker Server box without going through all of the time delays of having external FileMaker files open for scripts or relationships. Having the ability to do a quick GET or POST into FileMaker saves a lot of time.

We think RESTfm could be a great candidate for speeding up sync from FileMaker Pro or Go to FMS, but that’s a post for another time 🙂

In the mean time I needed some code in PHP for a different use, that sent data to FileMaker via RESTfm. So I’ve written this up as sample code. If you’re needing to send records to FileMaker from php, this this is hands down the simplest way to accomplish it.

Attached is a copy of the sample code, pushing records to our postcodes database. Feel free to have a play and adapt it to your own use.