Today we’re excited to announce the release of RESTfm 3.0, our Web Services product for FileMaker Server. We’ve spent a lot of time working on the back end code behind RESTfm and this release involves a lot of changes, but gives us a great modular platform to build on in the future.

Version 3 also adds :

  • Support for field repetitions
  • A whole new bulk data operations section so you can submit multiple records in a single transaction
  • A new simple format designed specifically for use in FileMaker Go where you don’t have access to native json or xml decoding.
  • FileMaker Server 13 Support auto detected.
  • Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks support.
  • A new encoding option to work around the encoding used by the Insert From URL step in FileMaker Pro 13.

and more of course. See the release notes for all of the details.


The price for new licences has increased to $699 for a single server licence. Upgrades from previous versions are just $199. If you own a previous version and didn’t receive an email with details about your upgrade coupon, please contact us.

Multiple server licences, or education pricing is available, please contact us for details.

RESTfm works via the Custom Web Publishing API so doesn’t require concurrent licences to use. You are only restricted to as many Web connections as your server can handle. RESTfm itself is licenced per server, so there are no per user licensing requirements.


We’re starting to see more and more people realise the advantages of opening up their data and build a Web API into their FileMaker solutions by taking advantage of RESTfm. By making it clear and simple and taking advantage of FileMaker native concepts and processes, anyone can extend their solutions.