RefreshFM 2.0 is finally released and the last update since the beta added a function that has always been a request of mine in Import dialogs within FileMaker Pro itself : the ability to choose “Matching IDs” in the field mapping.


Using this option in RefreshFM, you can create an import order that still works if you delete fields, and add fields, and rename fields from either source or destination table.

This works in RefreshFM because we build the import script ourselves, and with FileMaker Pro 12 there’s a change to the way copy and paste works in that it now respects the order you copy, instead of just switching to “Last Order” like FMP 11 and earlier did.

So we can dynamically build any import order we like. Having a choice of matching names is good, I think having matching ids is even better, and I hope this concept comes into the FileMaker product line at some point. Although an overhaul of the import dialog would be the best outcome, as there’s quite a few other suggestions I’d make for that.

RefreshFM 2.0

RefreshFM version 2 is an update for fmp12 format compatibility, along with some other minor additions and fixes. It’s a free update to version 1.0, so any licences for 1.0 will continue to work in 2.0.

New licences are $399 for the developer version, and $699 for the distribution licence for those who are selling standalone solutions and need their end users to run the update process.

I’m doing a DevCon vendor session on RefreshFM on Tuesday at 10:45 am if you’d like to see the product in action.