We’re very excited to announce the release of our new Developer Tool RefreshFM. This is version 1.1 as it’s somewhere between 1.0 and 2.0. It’s a 1.0 in that this is the first time it’s had a real name ( it was before called UpdateManager ), a new logo and it’s first press release. But it’s also almost a 2.0 as there has been such a big change since 1.0 that it probably deserves it’s own integer.

RefreshFM is an update automation tool for FileMaker developers. It allows you to build an import process from scratch for any size solution in a matter of minutes, and then run that import automatically. By automating the process you’re able to run the import as often as required to make sure the data comes across exactly as you need and to know in advance you can deliver the final version. And it does all of this without any modification to your solution files, so you don’t have to change your live or development copies.

RefreshFM now has a completely automated setup process that allows you to build your import process in a matter of minutes, and covers all aspects of the import process.

We’re very excited about how much time and effort this will save FileMaker developers. Even if you’ve written an import process yourself in the past, it’s time consuming and difficult to keep it maintained and up to date every time you make changes. Plus it’s easy to miss either some critical aspect or to not have done enough error checking and have issues that aren’t found until later. RefreshFM takes care of all of those problems for you so you can get on with the job of writing a great FileMaker solution.

RefreshFM is available now for $299, and there is a free 30 day demo period that allows you to try out the product in full with no restrictions.