Although it took a little longer to sort out, we have a beta version of RefreshFM 2 for FileMaker Pro 12 available today :

Technically this is b3 as we’ve been through a few issues internally but this is the first public beta. The big changes in this version are just due to conversion to the fmp12 file format and some updates to plugin installation. This should make it a much smoother install or setup for anyone who didn’t already have the plugin enabled.

As well as some other minor tweaks FileMaker 12 has a few changes to the import order. What this meant for us in testing was that all our import orders would come in with no fields selected by default. If you left it at that, then nothing would be imported.

The reason this happens is that in 11 and earlier when you pasted the import script step, all fields would be selected by default. With 12, no fields are. So we needed to add code to individually map every field in the table. Although this seems like a pain it actually adds the potential for a great feature into RefreshFM 2 : we now have the ability to set our import mapping first in RefreshFM 2 and then have it copied to the clipboard exactly as required. In other words with this feature added, there will be no need to adjust import mappings.

In the mean time, this beta version should be great for testing and importing any 12 solutions. Functionality wise it’s as feature complete as 1.3 was, so there should be no issues running your updates with it.


This is a free update to 1.3 and your licence codes for 1.3 will just work with 2.0. We like to keep paid upgrades to be for functionality improvements and the file format changes don’t justify a paid upgrade.