Just back from our 7th FileMaker Developer Conference as exhibitors, so lots to talk about and update people on, but we had one question come up quite a bit, so I thought it worth posting an note here.

RefreshFM is currently only available in FileMaker Pro 11 format. We have been working on an update for v12 and it’s mostly complete, but a few issues remain. I don’t expect those to be significant and I would expect to have a beta 12 release available later this week. There will be a post here on the blog when it’s available as well as something on twitter, which will be short and to the point 🙂


This will be a 2.0 version of RefreshFM for FileMaker 12, but it will be a free update for RefreshFM 1.0. So your existing licence codes will continue to work in both 1.0 and 2.0 and there will be no need to adjust anything.

Our reasoning for this is that we always try to give people value for money when purchasing a paid upgrade, and in this case the update is just about the new file format and some minor changes to make plugin installations easier. In our opinion that doesn’t justify a upgrade price.

Future updates

It’s more than likely that in the future, new features and development will be in the 2.0 version, not in both versions. We will continue to maintain and bug fix 1.0 and may add some features where it’s simple enough to do.