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Goya Pty Ltd Updates BaseElements DDR to 1.3

Goya Pty Ltd is pleased to announce the release of BaseElements 1.3. BaseElements is a FileMaker developer tool to analyze and document FileMaker database solutions. BaseElements provides a cross reference of every element in a solution and helps developers find and fix errors, track issues, document changes, and plan future development.

BaseElements takes a different approach to FileMaker solution analysis, by using standard and familiar methodologies to viewing and reporting on data, so that experienced FileMaker Pro developers can quickly and easily find exactly the information they’re after. Everything in the entire solution is imported, cross referenced and accessible to search, list, sort, display and relate to every other object. As well, BaseElements includes error, unreferenced and warning reports to pick up on issues and identify elements that are no longer in use. If the developer has a question about their solution they need answered, BaseElements can answer it.

New Features:

BaseElements 1.3 extends the existing ability to locate objects that are “Unreferenced” by alerting developers to when your solution uses Indirection. Indirection is the ability to refer to items in your solution via calculations that reference the name, instead of directly via internal ID. This gives developers much more confidence when making decisions about items to cleanup in your solutions. Plus, BaseElements 1.3 adds a plugin tracking function so you can see what external plugin function calls you’re making and where, and link directly to them from any location.

Both the Indirection and plugin functionality has not previously been available in any other FileMaker developer tool, and this adds to the already impressive feature set of the product.

“I am loving BaseElements and am using it all the time. Apart from the script debugger in FMP Advanced, it is my favourite development tool.” – Daniel Kaan

About BaseElements:

BaseElements is an essential tool for anyone who works in FileMaker Pro as it helps make decisions about the effects of changes to a solution before they’re made, document those changes, and provide tacit alerts if something is broken.

BaseElements is available as both standalone fp7 files or as a Runtime application, giving the developer a choice in how they wish to work. The xslt code to import the data is included and free for personal use as part of the license to BaseElements.

Licensing Options:

This is a free update for existing licence holders of BaseElements 1.0.

As well as a single user licence at US$499, Goya offers a very flexible site license option that is both a combination site licence and multiple user licence for US$1299. Developers may use a copy of BaseElements either in a FileMaker server among multiple developers, or as single user version on an individual’s machine, or both at the same time.

Developers may try BaseElements completely unlocked for 30 days using the registration code available on the website.

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Based in Mt Waverley, Australia, Goya Pty Ltd has been a leading expert in FileMaker Pro development for over 10 years, with a diverse client list covering a similarly wide range of industries. By leveraging depth of experience and a tremendous library of existing modules, Goya has established strategic relationships with other FileMaker Pro developers by making available their suite of developer tools as well. Goya Pty Ltd is Nicholas Orr, John Adams, Michelle Wild, Stuart McLellan and Darrin Southern.


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