We’re just cleaning up how we’ve been using Twitter here at Goya as we’ve been a bit disjointed for a while. The first twitter account we had was @baseelements and it was used to post anything and everything about Goya. That doesn’t really make sense and now with the launch of RefreshFM only minutes away it made much more sense to have a general Goya one, and separate accounts for both products.

So from now on, any blog posts here will be tweeted about at @GoyaBlog. If they happen to be about either BaseElements or RefreshFM then they will also be retweeted to @baseelements and @goya_refreshfm respectively.

We do keep track of the direct questions or mentions on both accounts, so will respond with quick questions to either location.

And sorry, we’re not on FaceBook or Google+, one social network is enough for today 🙂