We’ve posted another update to our free FileMaker plugin. This brings the version number to 2.0b4 and adds some new features and tweaks some existing ones. Download Links are :

Mac 64 and 32 bit
Windows 32 bit
Windows 64 bit

This release has the following changes :

  • Add BE_ExecuteSystemCommand and depreciate BE_ExecuteShellCommand – this means on Windows the command window no longer appears. The existing function won’t go away so your code still works, but the new one also has a timeout parameter so you can set timeouts.
  • Use of whitespace in function signatures to match that used by FileMaker
  • Added BE_CurrentTimeMilliseconds, BE_UTCMilliseconds and BE_TimeZoneOffset
  • Added BE_HTTP_Set_Proxy function for use in the other HTTP functions

BE_CurrentTimeMilliseconds – is the same as the built-in Get ( CurrentTimestamp ) when wrapped with GetAsNumber. BE_UTCMilliseconds – as per BE_CurrentTimeMilliseconds but for UTC rather than local time. BE_TimeZoneOffset – the difference between UTC and local time (in minutes).

The TimeZoneOffset functionality is going to be the most useful, especially when working with sync solutions and needing to keep consistent time zones for data entry.