We continue to add functionality to our free FileMaker plugin, even when I don’t post about it often here. Since the last point release of 2.1 we’ve been adding more functionality and fixing more bugs. Version 2.2.2 is the latest current release and has a bunch of new functionality :

  • Allow selection of multiple files in BE_SelectFile
  • BE_XML_Parse
  • BE_Zip & BE_Unzip allow control over the name/destination of the archive
  • BE_XPAth optionally returns node values as XML
  • Do not return output from BE_ExecuteSystemCommand when a timeout of 0 is specified

And as well as that some bug fixes :

  • Improved error handling for CURL based functions
  • XPath functions now support objects of type XPATH_BOOLEAN, XPATH_NUMBER and XPATH_STRING in addition to XPATH_NODESET
  • Handle CF_UNICODETEXT, Windows clipboard native type, correctly
  • Improved error handling for Windows clipboard functions
  • Zip directory bug on Windows
  • Workaround for BE_ExecuteShellCommand crash in FM13
  • BE_MessageDigest returns correct result when input contains multi-byte (e. g. Japanese) characters
  • Correctly set the “from” encoding type when converting text encodings
  • BE_ListFilesInFolder returns “?” and sets BE_GetLastError when the directory does not exist
  • Use modern Open File dialog on Windows
  • Allow parsing of large nodes in BE_XML_Parse, BE_SplitBEFileNodes & BE_StripXMLNodes
  • Return an empty string when getting an empty node set as xml
  • Update OpenSSL in Windows version due to the Heartbleed bug

As usual, the latest downloads can be found on the plugin page.

And we’re continuing to work on it. Our 2.3 release is set to add support for zipping multiple files, a save file dialog box, an optional progress bar for curl HTTP actions and new encryption support.