We’ve updated our free BaseElements plugin once more. This is a minor point release to version 1.3.3 that resolves some issues with the FileMaker_Fields and Tables calls using the old SQL API. This shouldn’t have been an issue for anyone until the point in the future that FileMaker removes that function call from the API altogether, so this update is just business as usual and means those functions continue to work in FMP 11, 12 and later with no issues.

I’m also going to pre-announce that this will be the last major release on the 1.x series and from here on we will be moving to a 2.0 branch of the plugin that is FMP 12 and later only. Our plans for now are to only add new features to the 2.0 branch, but we will continue to support and bug fix 1.3.

Also if there are developers who are keen to see features sponsored in 1.3 then we can get those done, and would look to use the same code in 2.0. As always the code itself is open source, so there is plenty of scope for others to work on it and add functionality if they desire.

Version 2.0

We don’t plan on this being a huge release, just a few cleanups in the change to v12 only that will make the code simpler to manage. But we’re also going to flesh out the remainder of the HTTP functions so we have PUT and DELETE available. This means we should have a full set of functions for interacting with other Web Services from within FileMaker.

Plus we’re looking at the code for the Base64 encoding and seeing if we can get that working with images in container fields as well as the current support it has for files.


As always downloads are available for Mac and Windows, and it’s free to use, no licence required.