While I’m on the topic of updates, I’ve uploaded a new version of our free FileMaker plugin, which you can download from the todo wiki page.

This is a beta release of 1.2, which adds the following features since 1.1 :

  • XSLT functions for in memory translations.
  • XPath functions.
  • DoSQL main function.
  • HTTP ( and HTTPS and FTP ) text only processing via curl.
  • Execute Scripts.
  • MD5 and SHA hashing operations to validate keys.
  • Add options for the ListFiles to also do folders.
  • http requests that work with files as well as text.
  • Modify the Copy function to also work with folders.

Plus it also fixes an issue with previous releases where FileMaker would crash if you had two copies installed at the same time ( like one in the Application folder and another in the Users prefs folder ).

Once I’ve completed a little more testing I’ll release an updated version of BaseElements and RefreshFM that include the new version, but if you find any issues, let us know.