Just a quick note that we’ve been working on our free and open source FileMaker plugin and added a few more functions. Mostly they’re things we needed not for BaseElements, but for a future update to UpdateManager but this newer version will eventually be released back into BaseElements as well.

Plus there is also much more comprehensive documentation on the github page about how to build it from scratch on both Mac and Windows. Anyone who is interested in using this as a base for plugin development could certainly consider this.

The github master version currently is 1.0. There is also a development branch that includes some extra added functions :

  • MoveFile
  • CopyFile
  • WriteTextToFile
  • ExecuteShell
  • ListFilesInFolder
  • FileMakerTables
  • FileMakerFields
  • OpenURL

I’m still working on the documentation for a more general release of 1.0, so I’m excited about the additional features coming in 1.1 already.