It’s always nice to see how others are using the products you develop, and this time at DevCon was no exception. At the closing keynote, a cool tool from FileMaker was presented. It allows you to create a launch icon on an iOS device for a FileMaker file inside FileMaker Go.

This is a great way to open your most used FileMaker solutions from your home screen inside FileMaker Go .

The demo file is available to all TechNet subscribers, but even if you’re not on TechNet you can join for free.

One of the things this solution needs to be able to do is to encode the icon images in Base64 format so that they’re included in the text files. This isn’t a built in function in FileMaker, but it is a function available in our free BaseElements plugin.

Even nicer is the way that they’ve used the new plugin install to update it without any manual intervention.

So if you’ve given this a try and like it, you now have a very full featured plugin installed, that you can use on any solution you like without cost or registration.