FileMaker has long has support for XML in it’s import and web processes and quite often people are building Custom Functions to parse XML within FileMaker. We now use our free BaseElements plugin to do XPath inside FileMaker, and it’s really handy to get at details of XML without having to go through an import process.

But JSON is fast becoming as popular as XML for all sorts of data these days. Quite often it’s available in Web Services as an option along side XML and I’m now starting to see it appear as the only option in a few places.

In order to take advantage of this we’ve decided to move to add some JSON functionality to our BaseElements plugin. We have a new build, coming quick on the heels of the 2.0 release, we’ve added :

BE_JSONPath ( json, query )
BE_JSON_ArraySize ( json )

We think this will be useful to FileMaker developers who work with Web Services or just want a way to encode data for other processes.

You can download this now for Mac, Windows 32bit and Windows 64bit for FMS CWP.