Although there are some “sparse” instructions included with the our BaseElements plugin as to how to compile it, I thought I’d write up a step by step for those who don’t do this level of programming themselves usually ( myself included ), but would like to give it a try.

These are instructions for the Mac, I don’t have access to all the tools required for Windows, if someone would like to try the same on Windows and document their steps I’d love to hear about it.

First, you’re going to need apple’s developer tools installed. So this means XCode and all of the command line tools as well. You can get these from apple’s developer site.

Second download the latest copy of the boost library from this page :

As of this writing, it was 1.44.0 so I clicked on that item and chose to download the smallest one, which was the tar.bz2 file, which uncompresses just fine on the mac. When you uncompress this you end up with a folder named “boost_1_44_0”.

Now open the Terminal app in the Utilities folder. Type “cd ” ( with the space ) and drag the “boost_1_44_0” folder onto the terminal window. It will then put in the path to that folder. Hit enter. Then type the following commands :

./bjam architecture=combined

The first command will be quite quick, but the second will take a while. You will probably get a bunch of warnings, but if it’s all succeeded you should have some lines at the end like :

...failed updating 8 targets...
...skipped 282 targets...
...updated 522 targets...

When its all complete, open the following folder :


The two files you need are called “libboost_system.a” and “libboost_filesystem.a”. Just put that folder aside for now.

Download the BE plugin code from here : and uncompress the download file. Inside the main folder are three other folders called “Project”, “Resources” and “Source”. You also need to create another folder there called “Libraries”. Copy the “libboost_system.a” and “libboost_filesystem.a” files from “boost_1_44_0/stage/lib” and paste them into the new Libraries folder. Then copy the folder called “boost” from the “boost_1_44_0” folder into the “Source” directory.

Then download the FileMaker plugin wrappers from Unzip the download file. Go to the Libraries folder of the files you get, and unzip the file called “”. Copy the “FMWrapper.framework” folder that results to the Libraries folder you create above.

Now, inside the Project folder of the BE plugin download, open the file “BaseElements.xcodeproj” in XCode. If all of the files are in the right place, then none of the file names will be in red. Finally, click the Build option in the Build menu and wait. If everything is ok, you’ll get a bunch of warnings still, but no errors and you should get a finished plugin in the Build folder.

This is an open source plugin and we’ve already got plans to add to it, in fact a 1.1 build is in the works, so we’d love to hear what you do with it.