Available for download now is a new release of our FileMaker update automation tool, RefreshFM, bringing it to version 1.1.5. Although it’s only a minor point release in number, this version is a big update behind the scenes and has a lot of changes.

I’m really excited about the work that’s been done on the FileMaker Server options in particular and how it’s automatically opening and closing files, and even using Applescript on the Mac to authenticate and give the uploaded files the correct permissions before opening them so they can be accessed straight away.

Plus it adds an installer for the BaseElements plugin, so that can be updated without any manual intervention, some huge speedups in the Data section and lots of much smaller fixes to boot.

Also this is the first release since 1.1.0 to concentrate on the Distribution version, so there are lots of changes there too. Anyone with a distributed FileMaker based product would be well suited to test RefreshFM for their next update.


And if you’re a FileMaker developer who hasn’t tried RefreshFM, you might want to consider it. @solfilemaker did and he wrote about it on twitter :

Tried refreshFM 4 1st time Amazing tool it did a 3 hours job in 15 minutes.

RefreshFM has been saving us time like this with our client work for years and we’re finally glad to see other FileMaker developers finding out just how useful it can be.