Update : pointed the links to BE 4.5.0b3. Temporarily removes the reduce file size option, so no calc nodes are left out and adds the SlideControl object type.

Update : pointed the links to BE 4.5.0b2.

It’s always nice to be able to say that we’ll have an update for something”shortly” and then deliver said update about 24 hours later.

We’ve got a new release of BaseElements with full compatibility with the newly released FileMaker Pro 13. This release is version 4.5.0b1 and has the following changes :

  • Support for new FileMaker 13 features : Dialog Step button calcuations, Popover content, Object Visibility Calculations, Tab Object Calculations etc.
  • Added Layout width.
  • Added Layout Theme name.
  • Added Layout Show Record Indicator.
  • Added Layout Show Field Frames Current Record.
  • Added File Minimum Version.
  • Added File Encryption Type.
  • Made the Reduce File Size option permanent.
  • Fix some issues with marking items as fixed.
  • Updated the plugin to 2.1.0

So you can now start work on your new FileMaker 13 compatible functionality and not worry about breaking things.

This update to BaseElements is free for current version 4 licence holders. Your existing licence codes will continue to work just fine, there’s no need to get a new one.


Standard fmp12 Files


Single User Runtime Application



If you’re still running BaseElements 3 for fp7 files, but FileMaker Pro 13 has convinced you to move, then you can upgrade to BaseElements 4 for just $249 for a Single User licence.


Any issue with the beta, or the new functionality, please use the support forms to get in touch.


FileMaker Pro 13 has made some huge changes in terms of the possibilities for the user interface that we wanted to hold off on any changes to our UI until after it’s released. The current BaseElements UI is getting a little old and could do with a revamp, but also some fundamental changes to make it easier for new users without removing the power features that advanced users expect.

Plus we’ve been working on some functionality to improve the way the XSLT works and hopefully make that process faster than before. There’s no such thing as too fast.

This sort of change doesn’t happen overnight, so we’ll keep working on 4.5.x in the mean time for any 13 related issues.