Just yesterday, FileMaker announced the release of FileMaker Pro 10. This is a significant release with some neat new features. Script Triggers, new field Indirection options, and layout reporting tools are welcome additions to the product.

And for all of those early adopters, today we’ve released version 2.5.0 of our flagship product, BaseElements. This update adds support for all of the Script Triggering options, as well as updating the run-time to the latest v10 version. BaseElements 2.5.0 is now compatible with a DDR produced in any version of FileMaker from 7 to 10.

So even if you’ve haven’t yet taken advantage of v10, the new release of the BE 2.5 runtime allows you to use it’s handy built in features ( Table Layout Modification, Stored Finds etc ) in BaseElements today.

And this is a free update to all registered 2.x users. If you’ve still got BaseElements 1, now is a great time to upgrade.