Today we’ve released today version 1.3.0 of our flagship FileMaker Pro developer tool, BaseElements, and I thought it might be handy to recap for those interested some of the bigger changes we’ve introduced since 1.0 was released in January :

  • Runtime versions.
  • The ability to add your own scripts and layouts.
  • A plugin function tracking system.
  • The ability to track variables, both global and local.
  • A comprehensive Indirection system, to work with the existing Unreferenced system.
  • A detailed “Warning” system for potential FileMaker issues.
  • Much more detail and information about Layout Objects, including object names and tabs.
  • New list layouts for Field References, CustomFunction references and ValueList references.
  • New table for Sort Order Items.
  • A print script function.
  • An option to highlight “Web Compatible” scripts.
  • And much more…

There is of course many more other features, a lot of changes and improvements, and a bunch of bug fixes. All of the changes are detailed in the full Version History page.

So if you’ve tried BaseElements 1.0 at any point and not kept up to date with the new releases, we think this is a good time to give it another run. There are lots of new additions to BaseElements that will help you in your FileMaker Pro development.

But don’t think that’s all, with DevCon coming up we’ve got lots of plans for more features before August, so stay tuned.