We’ve released another version of our free FileMaker plugin, this time to 3.0. This versions brings some new functionality :

  • BE_ExportFieldContents – allowing you to do exports from containers on FMS
  • BE_FTP_Upload – self explanatory I hope.
  • BE_HMAC – encoding format often used in Web Services authentication
  • BE_Xero_SetTokens – to allow the use of the Xero API from within FileMaker.

This also adds some new, but hidden functionality, that will be finalised in a future release ( the soon to arrive 3.1 version )

  • BE_EvaluateJavaScript
  • BE_SMTP_Server
  • BE_SMTP_Send

BE_EvaluateJavaScript looks to be very interesting and have a host of neat possibilities.

This version removes some previously deprecated functions :

  • BE_ExecuteShellCommand
  • BE_FileMaker_Tables
  • BE_FileMaker_Fields

If you were relying on BE_ExecuteShellCommand you will need to change your code to use BE_ExecuteSystemCommand instead, and the two internal SQL functions can be done with the new Execute SQL function.

As well there’s been error handling fixes to BE_ProgressDialog, the BE_ListFilesInFolder will force the correct path separator, BE_MessageDigest will show an error for passing an invalid algorithm and the Zip functions have better error handling and now support empty folders inside zip files.

If you appreciate the plugin, and use it in your solutions, please consider an annual sponsorship. Just $199 for single developer, and $399 for a company. Sponsorship gives you access to technical support, new releases, code samples and lets you help decide on future functionality.