And one more release note, we’ve updated the free BaseElements Plugin to 3.1.0. This is a huge release, lots of cool new features.

This version removes support for Windows XP, so be aware of that if you’re running older OS versions.

But in return you get SMTP along with JPEG compression for reducing container picture sizes. There’s a ConvertContainer for turning a file to a picture and vice versa, so no more exporting and re-importing. There’s the ability to evaluate JavaScript inside the plugin, which opens a whole world of possibilities. And BE_ImportFile for importing files into containers – you can do this in the client, but now you can also do it on the server via the plugin.

The documentation will be updated in the next few days, I’ll post another note here when it’s done.


Thanks again to all the people and companies that sponsor the plugin. It’s because of their support that you get all this for free, so if you use the plugin and know someone who sponsors, make sure to buy them a round.

And if you can, please consider sponsoring. It doesn’t cover all our costs, but it does help, and you get a proper support channel and a bunch of other cool plugin related code.

New Functions

  • BE_ContainerIsCompressed
  • BE_ConvertContainer
  • BE_Curl_Trace
  • BE_EvaluateJavaScript
  • BE_Gzip
  • BE_ImportFile
  • BE_JPEG_Recompress
  • BE_SMTP_Send
  • BE_SMTP_Server
  • BE_UnGzip
  • BE_Values_ContainsDuplicates
  • BE_Xero_GenerateKeys

Other Changes

  • BE_Curl_Set_Option: label function parameters as optional
  • BE_Curl_Set_Option: the options CURLOPT_HTTPAUTH & CURLOPT_PROXYAUTH take named constants
  • BE_HMAC: add a parameter to allow and input encoding for Base64 and Hex
  • BE_HTTP_POST: allow post args to specify file paths using the @ syntax
  • BE_HTTP_POST: do not crash when a http post contains a parameter that is not a key=value pair
  • BE_JSON_Encode: correctly handle leading 0 for real numbers
  • BE_Values_Unique, BE_Values_FilterOut: add option to be case insensitive
  • Ensure that Get ( InstalledFMPlugins ) returns the same value on both OS X and Windows
  • Remove support for Windows XP