Hot on the heels of yesterday’s note about the 3.0 version of our free FileMaker plugin, we’ve got a new beta release available already. This version does some cool new stuff :

  • Support for Gzip and UnGzip which is the same format as the internal FileMaker container field compression.
  • Support for testing container fields for compression.
  • Import into container fields, to match the Export so that you can do this inside FMS scripts.
  • New CURL constants to simplify HTTP Authentication.
  • Additional options for the Values functions to support case insensitivity.
  • The ability to use callback functions to call scripts, or evaluate calculations from with JavaScript.

And … new SMTP email sending functionality, with support for HTML emails and multiple attachments. We knew you’d like that last one 🙂

Beta releases are available to all of our sponsors, you can subscribe for just $199 for single developer, and $399 for a company. Our sponsors help to decide on future functionality and get access to our support forums.