I was very excited to see that this year at DevCon, FileMaker has brought in a new feature : Exhibitor sessions. This year a subset of the companies exhibiting will have some time during a regular session to show their products and demonstrate their wares.

I like this idea because for us DevCon is about getting time in front of developers and showing what our products can do, but even with a booth that runs full time, there are only so many people you can do a demo to. There just isn’t enough time to show everyone who might be interested.

In previous years I’ve been asking Delfina and Shari about the possibility of having more time and possibly a session, so I’m really glad they’ve taken this on, and I hope that the users find it useful and it continues in the future. In the mean time you can check out the website and see the session, I’m going to be on Wednesday at 10:45 am. ( I like to get in early ).

I’m going to do a thorough demonstration of all that is in BaseElements and why I think you should use it. Starting from scratch in terms of generating and importing a DDR all the way through to automating imports, using the BE data externally and reporting options. I hope to shine a light on some of the great ways that BaseElements lets you see your data and hopefully give you a bunch of reasons why BE should be in your developer toolkit.

I’m competing for attendees with Bill Heizer from FileMaker, who is talking about FileMaker Go, Chad Novotny from The Support Group talking about the Relationship Graph, Bob Bowers from Soliant doing a FTS training session and Paul de Hallé from Linear Blue helping people mix FileMaker and SQL. There’s a lot of options there and some excellent speakers, so I hope a good number of people find BaseElements interesting enough to come along. I’m looking forward to it.