The FileMaker world is all a buzz with the new release of FileMaker Pro 12. It’s been a little longer in waiting than most releases, and is the first file format change since version 7 in 2004. And it packs some great features in that new file format. The new layout tools, container functionality, plugin update options and SQL functions are our big picks as to the highlight features. Not to mention the change in pricing for FileMaker Go from paid to free.

And the first big question is “Does BaseElements support FileMaker 12?”. And we’re glad to say the answer is “Yes.”

We’ve already released a free update to BaseElements 3 that supports the DDR from FileMaker Pro 12. Version 3.5.1 is available now, and includes additional import details that cover all of the new functionality. And did I mention it’s a free update to v3? As before, this runs in FileMaker Pro 11, and is in the fp7 file format.

We now have a new version 4 of BaseElements coming, and have the first beta of it available today as well. This version is in fmp12 format, but will still import the DDR from your existing fp7 and your new fmp12 solutions. So you can generate the DDR in any version of FMPA since 7 and import it into either 3.5 or 4.0.

We’ve posted a page with all of the details about the new beta and we’re looking forward to getting this new release out there. We still have a few more features to finalise so there will likely be more coming before a final release. If you have feature requests, now will be the time to let us know.