I never thought I’d do 5 beta versions of this, let alone 8. But here it is :

BaseElements_Mac.dmg – fp7 files.
BaseElements_Mac_Runtime.dmg – Runtime.

BaseElements_Win.zip – fp7 files.
BaseElements_Win_Runtime.zip – Runtime.

The list of changes are :

  • Added the TO mismatch to the error count.
  • Fixed an issue where Summary fields weren’t being referenced.
  • Made some more optimisations in the references import.
  • Fixed an issue where valuelist references to external files wasn’t working.
  • Sorted out some reference issues with ValueLists.
  • Added a custom menu item for printing of reports and list layouts.
  • Fixed an issue in the Go report for SMTP steps.
  • Removed and, or, not and xor from the plugin list 🙂

Critical changes are to the way ValueLists were handling references, the layout unreferenced calc and also the FileMaker Go Compatiblity Report, especially it’s print option.

This version has now had quite a bit of testing, so I’m looking to post the upgrade details on Monday.