I’ve posted what is hopefully the final beta of BaseElements 3. The download links are :

BaseElements_Mac.dmg – fp7 files.
BaseElements_Mac_Runtime.dmg – Runtime.

BaseElements_Win.zip – fp7 files.
BaseElements_Win_Runtime.zip – Runtime.

New Licence Required.

This version requires a new v3 licence code, an existing v2 licence code won’t work. You can use a demo code in the mean time until I put version 3 purchase details on the web.

The total list of changes are :

  • fixed some display issues in the MenuSet layout – thanks Doug Rowe.
  • fixed an issue with dialogs appearing when no layouts were present – thanks Adam Dempsey.
  • fixed some display issues with Inbound Authorisations – thanks Steve Wright.
  • fixed a bunch of issues with the display of portal errors and resolved some other TO error reference display issues.
  • cleaned up the Items Used portals and made them display errors in TOs.
  • Finished work on the FileMaker Go Compatibility Report
  • Extended the beta period to 10th August
  • More plugin updates and url fixes.
  • Fixed the issue of plugins not being reported.
  • Sorted out some processing issues with plugins and variables.
  • Added plugins and variables to the privilege set for Smart Find – thanks Adam Dempsey.
  • Fixed the issue of saving of the reg details.
  • Increased the requirement for a version 3 licence.
  • Added a warning dialog about importing from a shared folder on windows.

There have been a lot of changes since b3, and hopefully I’ll get some time to post details about them this week, so keep an eye on the blog.