I’ve uploaded another beta version of BaseElements 3. I was hoping to have a windows build available as well this time, but it’s not to be. There are a whole bunch of path related issues inside the xslt that are causing me grief so I’ve got to sort out those before it’s ready for prime time. In the mean time for those on the mac :

BaseElements 3 Beta 2

Changes since b1

  • Fixed display issues on the Variables and File layouts – thanks Steve Wright.
  • Fixed an issues with File References used on the right side of Relationships.
  • Fixed an issue where processing of items wasn’t always happening.
  • Fixed an issue where the right field in Join Predicates was missing.
  • Fixed an issue where quotes in comments would cause problems – thanks Doug Rowe.
  • Fixed a bunch of issues related to the processing of files and file paths.
  • Sorted out some privilege related issues that stopped you doing reports and importing more than one DDR – thanks Gordon Cox and others 🙂
  • Added some processing for TO Groups back in.

The links you need are :

BaseElements_Mac.dmg – fp7 files.
BaseElements_Mac_MU.dmg – Sharing enabled version.
BaseElements_Mac_Runtime.dmg – Runtime.

Also this has the xslt code built in for the plugins and variables although only variables is working at the moment. This means I’m not adding any more processing steps to the import steps. This is as detailed as it’s going to be. I’d love to hear from you about any speed differences between this version and the same DDR under BaseElements 2.x as I don’t expect it to change much at all between now and final.

As always send me any feedback or issues you find : support@goya.com.au or on twitter or our contact form.